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3 Easy, No-Fuss Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

The most neglected meal of our day is without a doubt, breakfast. Between rushing for work and not having the morning-mind capacity to even think about what to make, breakfast is thrown out the window and we struggle on until lunch. This doesn’t only make you lethargic during the day but, it also causes you to binge on unhealthy snacks throughout the day. The key to developing and maintaining a healthy breakfast for busy morning sis pre-planning. 

#1 Overnight Oats

Overnight oats require zero effort in the morning and minimal effort the night before. Best of all, you can easily customise it. Simply add oats, milk of your choice, sweetener and add-ins you would like. Manipulate each element for a different experience each time. Try different nut milks; use agave, honey, stevia or even a mashed banana as sweetener! For your add-ins try walnuts, almonds, chocolate chips, chia or flax seeds and even fruit compôte. Once you have incorporated each component, leave your oats in the fridge overnight and top with yogurt or jam—breakfast in a pinch. We recommend making your overnight oats in a mason jar for easy transport to work. 

#2 Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are best if made on a Sunday and then utilised during the week. Whisk your eggs with milk, vegetables, herbs meats and cheese. Sauté onions with bacon, mushrooms and spinach as a yummy add-in. Pour your egg mixture into individual muffin or cupcake tins and then, bake at 350ºF for 10 to 12 minutes. In the final minute, top your muffins with cheese. Let the muffins cool and eat as is. For long-term use, store your muffins in the fridge up to a week or in the freezer for one month. To reheat, microwave muffins and enjoy with a slice of toast or on its own.

#3 Everything Toast

Toast is not as boring as it seems, or sounds. With just a little creativity you can turn what is probably the most mundane breakfast item into something to look forward to every morning. We love to have our everything toast with multigrain bread (we love the nuttyness and it ‘feels’ healthy) however, you can use just about anything you have laying around—we mean anything. We’ve done this with bagels, hops and even half of a sada roti and it worked beautifully. 

Get creative with your base. Hummus, guacamole and chicken or egg salad are great on a crisp piece of toast. Then, top with anything you can get your hands on—sliced grapes, slivered almonds, pickled onions, olives and even pomegranate seeds! Choose your combinations wisely and you can have a masterpiece on your hands. Cream cheese, walnuts and sliced pears with a drizzle of honey is absolutely delicious. You’d be surprised at how many combinations you can come up with if you just looked in your fridge.

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