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4 Easy, Home-Made Treats For Valentine’s Day

#1 Frozen Cheesecake Bites

It’s easy topurchase a generic cheesecake from the store and call it dessert. However, for your Valentine, it’s worth it to spruce up the creamy dessert. Cut the cheesecake into bite-sized pieces then, freeze until solid. Melt chocolate and then dip the frozen cheesecake into the chocolate. Sprinkle nuts, sea salt or drizzle caramel and then, let the cheesecake bites harden. Serve for a chilly, decadent dessert. 

#2 Boozy Strawberries

Boozy strawberries open you up to a world of possibilities. Simply fill a jar with berries and then add vodka, prosecco or white rum. Let the berries soak for at least 3 hours. After, drain them (make sure to save the strawberry-infused alcohol!) Devour the strawberries as is or use them to top ice-cream, pies or cakes. Use the leftover alcohol to make a yummy cocktail! 

#3 Crunchy Chocolate Popcorn

Chocolate is the perfect snack for a movie date night. Simply melt baker’s semi-sweet chocolate (you can use white, dark or milk) and drizzle over your unflavoured popped popcorn. Sprinkle sea salt, cinnamon or chocolate chips and toss. We also love adding chocolate candies and toasted nuts.  

#4 Spiked Hot Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day on a weekday, it’s important that you don’t have too much fun (otherwise waking up the next morning may be next to impossible!) Spiked hot chocolates are the perfect mix of having ‘controlled’ fun. Mix your hot cocoa or chocolate as you normally would and then, spike it with brandy, golden rum or whisky. The result is a warming chocolate drink that’s as delicious as it is comforting. Top with mini, toasted marshmallows for an extra special touch. 

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