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4 Restaurants That You Must Visit In Tobago

It is without a doubt that our beautiful sister isle has an array of delicious restaurants and food. However, a trip to Tobago usually means running away for a short time i.e. any long weekend that passes a Trini’s way. With a short period of time, it’s absolutely necessary that you know exactly which are the best places to eat at. We’ve narrowed down this list from the many crab and dumplin’ and fresh seafood options available on the island. So, whether you live in Tobago or are always keen to take a quick flight to the sister isle, ensure you visit at least one of these places for a guaranteed full and happy belly.

For The Best Crab and Dumplin’

#1 Miss Trim’s, Storebay

You certainly have your choice of crab and dumplin’ stalls to choose from, however, the one that stole our heart is Miss Trim’s. It had the perfect ratio of crab to dumplings to curry sauce. The curry was perfectly seasoned and light but, still had full-blown coconut milk flavour. It made sucking on the crab shells completely worth it. Miss Trim’s isn’t only good for crab and dumpling—they are home to some of the best stewed chicken, macaroni pie and callaloo you can find anywhere in the country. Whatever your preference, you are sure to have a gut-filling delicious meal at Miss Trim’s.

For The Best Non-Local Food

#2 La Tartaruga, Buccoo

If you need a change from local food, then La Tataruga is the place to go. Chef Gabriele De Gaetano owns the restaurant and will gladly serve you up delicious homemade pastas and other Italian dishes along with good conversation. He always willingly gives background information about your meal choice, or suggests wine pairings (their wine collection is out of this world!). We also highly recommend the pumpkin soup which is silk smooth and delicately seasoned. The desserts and drinks at La Tataruga are completely worth the visit as well. Try the gin and tonic—it’s the best you’ll ever have. 

For The Best Breadfruit Pie

#3 Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen/ Jemma’s Treehouse Restaurant, Speyside

If you want a beautiful view and the best breadfruit pie you’ll ever have then, look no further. Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen peers over Tyrrel’s Bay. The menu isn’t large but is filled with delicious meats and sides. The breadfruit pie is the star. It comes in its own personal baking dish and is cheesy, creamy and slightly sweet—exactly what you want from a breadfruit pie. The creole shrimp is also a pleasant surprise. It’s sautéed with onions, peppers and garlic and is a perfect seafood main. We definitely recommend making a reservation if you want a table with the sea’s view.

For The Freshest Fish

#4 Speyside Overlooking, Speyside

Speyside Overlooking is one of those places that if you’re not looking carefully you may just miss it. It’s unassuming and situated right at the side of Windward Road. This place was discovered by chance as one of our editors was travelling back from her hotel. She easily ordered the daily fish special when the cook informed her that he had literally (we really mean literally) just caught the fish. The fish was blackened and absolutely gigantic. It lay across rice and a fresh salad. According to our editor, the fish was flaky, a key sign of its freshness, perfectly seasoned and juicy—the rest of the meal didn’t even matter, it was just that good.

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