}); 5 Easy, Non-Candy Snacks for Halloween (Plus, They're East To Make!)

5 Easy, Non-Candy Snacks for Halloween (Plus, They’re East To Make!)

Chocolates and candies are essential for a good Halloween. After all, you don’t want to be ‘that’ person handing out granola bars and apple sticks to trick-or-treating kids. But only having sweets for a Halloween party, whether it be for adults or kids, is kind of boring and not to mention, a really bad idea (sugar rush for the kids? We think not). Here are six scary, slightly healthier, yummier and way more than just sugar, snacks for Halloween. Bonus: they’re a lot more fun to look at and can double as Halloween decor.

1 Mummy Hot Dogs

You can pretty much tell from the picture how easy this one is to assemble. Wrap a strip of pie-crust or crescent dough (we suggest buying pre-made) around your favourite hot dog, leaving a gap for the mummy’s face. Snip the end of the dough off and then, bake at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes. Use mustard or, cheese and capers to dot eyes in the gap; you can make it extra creepy by adding googley eyes (available at craft stores). Serve with ketchup, mustard and relish.

2 Spooky Bananas & Pumpkin Portugals

These are the easiest treats on the list to make plus, zero cooking! Peel a portugal whole until it almost looks like a pumpkin. Then, cut either celery stalks, chives or any green, stalk-like vegetable into 3 and ½-inch pieces. Stick it into the top opening of the portugal to create the stem of the pumpkin—boom, mini pumpkins! Halve your bananas and then, with the pointed portion of the banana facing up, stick two chocolate chips, flat side down, side by side onto them as eyes. Then, flat side up, stick a chocolate-chip beneath and between the eyes, as the mouth of the ghost. Place them all  together to create a spooky pumpkin patch.

3 Scary Pizzas

If you like black olives on your pizza then, you’re not only gonna love this idea, but you’ll think it’s genius. This works best on a pizza with mostly red toppings and just cheese. FIrstly, cut your cheese into strip-like slices and then, arrange on your pizza like a spider-web then, bake. Halve your black olives and cut one of the halves into slices. Do this with 8 to 10 olives, depending on the size of your pizza. To form your spider, place one whole half of your olive cut-side down and then, use six slices as legs on either side. Ensure to do this on the pizza after it is cooked, for maximum effect. Once you’ve completed all, your pizza should look like spiders are crawling all over a web of cheese. Don’t worry about the uncooked olives, they actually jive with the pizza even if it’s uncooked.

4 Apple Monster Mouths

They may not be the scariest monster mouths you’ve ever seen but, they’re very yummy. Quarter your apples and then, cut the middle-outer section of each apple about ¾ way. This part is a little tricky but, don’t worry about it being perfect as it gets covered up anyway. Then, fill the opening with any nut butter you would like. Don’t make it look perfect—the messier, the scarier. Place halved blanched almonds, peanuts or sunflower seeds upright on the nut butter to act as teeth.

5 Potato Ghosts

Mashed potato ghosts can be made with instant or real potatoes. Make your mashed potatoes as you would, normally erring on the thicker side (runny mashed potatoes will not hold the form of the ghost well). Add your mashed potatoes to a piping bag or, snip the ends of a freezer bag to act as a piping tool. Pipe your ghosts, starting in a large ring and then, getting progressively smaller as you reach the head of the ghost. Use green peas, black olives or whole black peppercorns as the eyes.

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