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5 Hot Cross Bun Bakeries You Need To Know

For the nostalgic

#1 St Mary’s Bakery, Curepe

Cost: 1 dozen $39

For traditional, soft and homey hot cross buns, head to St Mary’s Bakery in Curepe. It’s perfect for those craving nostalgic hot cross buns without the fanciness and unconventional elements. This is also the bakery to visit if you really crave hot cross buns but need them on a budget.

For the health-conscious

#2 Zabouca Breads, Cascade & Woodbrook

Cost: 1 dozen $120, Gluten-free, $140.

If you’re health-conscious, even when it comes to treats like hot cross buns, then, Zabouca Breads is the place for you. With buckwheat, spelt and whole wheat dough that’s flavoured with aromatic, homemade orange peel and studded with tart cherries, currants and cranberries, these hot cross buns are not only to-die-for but also good for you. Sounds good? Wait till you hear this, they have gluten-free options!

For the gourmet-addicts

#3 Peche Patisserie, Chaguanas

Cost: 1 dozen $200

For the die-hard gourmets of Trinidad and Tobago, Peche Patisserie’s Panettone hot cross buns are the one for you. Panettone is an Italian sweet loaf bread that’s traditionally served during Christmas time and other occasions of celebration. Peche has used this dough to create a hot cross bun that is perfectly chewy, lightly sweet and incredibly comforting. Of course, premium hot cross buns come at a premium price but, even though these are on the pricier end of the scale we can testify that they are absolutely worth it.

For chocolate-lovers

#4 Bakery Treatz, Endeavour

Cost: 1 dozen $60

Bakery Treatz offers handcrafted hot cross buns that are traditionally spiced with orange peel, fresh ginger, cardamom and nutmeg. If you don’t feel like indulging in an old-time hot cross bun or, have kids who eat nothing without chocolate, then, try Bakery Treatz’s chocolate-chip hot cross bun which is crossed with chocolate sauce.

For the adventurous

#5 VIAAA, Princes Town & Tarouba

Cost: 1 dozen $56 to $138, depending on flavour

VIAAA is not the place you go to for traditional hot cross buns. If you love trying new things, pairing new flavours or love anything exciting then, take a look at VIAAA’s innovative hot cross buns. Firstly, they offer the conventional hot cross bun which is stuffed with everything from dulce de leche to cherry and coconut creams. They also offer a chocolate hot cross bun which can be stuffed with Nutella and an assortment of creams. It’s a hot cross bun-lover’s heaven.


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