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5 Must-Have Spices and Seasonings For Your Pantry

#1 Curry

Do we even need to say more? The spice that brings us our favourite mains: curried crab and dumplings, curried chicken and roti with curried everything. Of course, there’s more to the spice than just well, curry! Curried egg paste and roasted cauliflower with curry are all delicious options for the spice. So needless to say, it’s number 1 on our list.

#2 Roasted Cumin

Roasted cumin or, as it is most commonly known as in Trinidad, geera (the dark one). Geera is not only delicious in curry but, it is delicious for adding into Mexican dishes like chilli, beans and meats for tacos or for Persian dishes. Try adding it to your roasted chicken as well! 

#3 Garlic Salt

Garlic salt has quickly sky-rocketed in popularity over the last five years—and for good reason! Garlic and salt are two ingredients that are necessary in most Trinidadian dishes. The all-purpose seaosning is great for sprinkling over fries, roasted potatoes and seasoning meats or hamburgers. This is a definite pantry staple.

#4 Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only great for delicious drinks like ponche de crème (you should try it!) or sorrel but it is fabulous in apple pie, hot chocolate and bread pudding! Get experimental with the warm spice by sprinkling it over your plantains, vanilla ice-cream or by even making a cinnamon tea with it. 

#5 Red Pepper Flakes

We know you can add pepper sauce to anything but sometimes, the vinegar base does not always mesh with every food. Pepper flakes are very spicy and add the perfect amount of heat to pastas, pizzas and salads!

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