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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make (And Keep)

While some may be getting ready for Carnival with serious diets or making New Year’s resolutions declaring which ‘-free’ they are this year, true foodies are busy trying to figure out the next new ‘check-in worthy’ restaurant and Instagrammable recipe. For a successful and uberly delicious 2019, here are five New Year resolutions suggestions we think will make your year completely flavourful. 

#1 Cook A New Type of Cuisine

Whether that means cooking something familiar like Italian or going completely out of the box by whipping up a Moroccan dish, we highly recommend making an unfamiliar dish from an exotic cuisine. There are many dishes from untouched cuisines just begging to be made. A tagine from Morocco, gazpacho from Spain or pasteis de nata from Portugal can all easily be made with ingredients found locally. Step out of your comfort zone this year and give some much needed attention to well-deserved cuisines.

#2 Explore A New Restaurant Every Quarter

Eating out can get expensive—we know this, hence why we suggest doing it every quarter. You may think that sounds like a long time but trying a new restaurant properly (this means drink, appetizer, main and dessert) is well worth the wait. It allows you to save enough money in order to not have to skimp on one course of the meal and discover a place you may not have thought to go. Now, don’t ruin this by visiting the same place twice—mix it up, go to a part of the country you may not normally and indulge.

#3 Make Something You Would Normally Purchase

Maybe every Sunday you’re used to buying a roasted chicken, or cakes for special occasions—whatever it may be, try to make it this year! It sounds a little scary, but, that’s the beauty in it. If it scares you this year, do it! The results will be more than satisfying. Food items that are commonly purchased are more often than not, very doable. Get creative with your own roasted or rotisserie chicken, spend a day perfecting a beautiful cake (it will probably taste better than any cake you can buy) and brine and bake your own ham. The pride you’ll feel will be worth it.

#4 Venture Down A Food Strip

Every corner of this country seems to have its own street food centre. Whether it be the streets of St. James, Grand Bazaar or Price-Plaza areas, Curepe or the Cross, each has tasty comfort foods. If you’ve never visited a food street or you stick to the one in your area then, challenge yourself to go to one that you haven’t before. Different streets have different vendors and foods. 

#5 Master Your Favourite Dessert

Mastering your favourite dessert can be the most unexpected wonderful feeling. Sure, pavlovas, vanilla cheesecakes and chocolate soufflés look intimidating but they are incredibly satisfying to make. Take on the most intimidating of desserts—even if they don’t turn out perfectly, it will most likely still taste incredibly delicious and you would have learned a few techniques along the way. Remember, it does not have to be perfect the first time, just keep trying and aim to master it by the end of the year. 

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