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6 Ways To Impress A Food-Loving Mum This Mother’s Day

#1 Make Her Favourite Jam

Making your mum’s favourite fruit into a homey fruit compote or jam can be a surprise, yummy treat for her. Jams and compotes are easy to make with almost any fruit. Get exotic and try using pommecythere, mammy apples (may also be seen as mammee apples) and pomerac. They just need to be simmered with sugar, a little bit of water or fruit juice. Pour into glass jars and decorate with a sweet note for mum. A great way to add a touch of gourmet to your mum’s present is to infuse herbs and spices into the compote. Try mint with pommecythere, basil with strawberries, vanilla with orange and chilli peppers with mango (it’s delicious, trust us).

If your mum doesn’t love jam (even a super fancy one made by you), then maybe try making your own peanut butter or chocolate spread.

#2  Breakfast In Bed

Whose mother would not love this? Customise the breakfast with all of your mother’s favourite things. You can even surprise her with a mimosa and your homemade jam. Have a theme throughout the breakfast. If your mum loves super fancy breakfasts, then purchase her favourite pastries and jams (you don’t have to have everything homemade), make her a fancy coffee (TIP: easily froth milk in a blender), cut up fruit and make some pancakes. For a more Trini breakfast have a variety of chokas, roasted bake, black pudding, eggs and buljol. A spread instead of one dish will let her know just how much you love her.

#3 A Bomb Cookbook

Any food or cooking lover would gladly let you know how much they value cookbooks. They’re full of ideas, techniques and beautiful photography. Sure, you can get most of this on the Internet but there’s something special about having a cookbook. The only problem with cookbooks, however, is that they are extremely expensive. If you know that your mum has been eyeing a particular one, then, definitely splurge on her. If she hasn’t mentioned a cookbook but you know she would value one then, purchase one based on her cooking style and preferences in food.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • For comfort food: Cravings Chrissy Teigen
  • For local food: Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook
  • For classical, keepsake book: Mastering the Art of French Cooking Julia Child
  • For the baker: The Baking Bible Rose Levy Berenbaum
  • For healthy food: The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor Gina Homolka

#4 Carry Her To Her Favourite Restaurant

Even if her favourite restaurant is on the other side of the country, carry your mum to that place that she absolutely loves but can’t ever go to. Whether it be just a little too expensive, too far or she doesn’t have enough time, ensure that she can go to that place that she always mentions but never goes.

If a full-blown restaurant meal is out of your budget then carry your mum for her favourite coconut drops at the bakery she never has time to go to (or anything similar). You can even try ordering ahead and bringing her favourite dessert or food to her.

#5 Get Her A Culinary Class Voucher

Only get this for your mum if you know that she will truly appreciate it and not take it as a sign that you want her to do more cooking. Restaurants, bakeries and chefs have been offering single or short cooking and baking classes available for anyone to take but again, they can be a bit expensive. Spoil your mum with one or two classes that she’s been dying to take. Even better, purchase a class for you and your mum to do together. She won’t only be learning something she loves but she would be able to spend time with you—and let’s be honest, most mums complain that we don’t spend time with them.

#6 Surprise Her With A Homemade Weeknight Dinner

Breakfast in bed is one thing but, if you surprise your mum randomly during the week on a night when she’s expected to cook, with a hot, home-cooked meal, you may just end up being child of the year. Most mothers come home with the unwanted expectation of having to provide food. We suggest cooking your mum’s favourite meal on a work day so the surprise is even better. Make the meal even more special by providing an appetiser and dessert. We’re not saying to make all of these things but, purchase it and ensure that she feels that the entire meal is special.

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