}); 8 Crazy Kale Chip Seasoning Combos You Wish You Had Yesterday!

8 Crazy Kale Chip Seasoning Combos That’ll Blow Your Mind

Kale chips have risen in popularity over the last few years.They’re salty, crispy and just downright delicious. (Sorry potato chips, your bougie cousin seems to be outshining you.) Kale has ‘superfood’ written at the top of its resume since it offers several times the Daily Value of Vitamin K and is rich in folate, Vitamins A, B6 and C. So, whenever you snack on leafy greens you don’t have to drown in self pity—you’re basically eating your daily dose of vitamins. Celebrate!

If you’ve ever eaten kale chips, you’d know that they have a meatier texture and bolder flavour than potato chips. Obviously, kale tossed in oil with salt and black pepper—dressed up plain and simple—is classic. But there are many other flavour combinations that will win over your heart and taste buds. Try these and let us know what you think!


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