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Celebrate Seafood At The Carli Bay Fish Fest

Carli Bay Fish Festival will be held on Saturday 29th June 2019 from 10 am to 6 pm at the scenic Carli Bay. The festival will commemorate St. Peter’s Day, the fisherman’s day, and will begin with a service blessing of the boats and fishermen. Booths featuring fish, shrimp, conchs, oysters and crab will celebrate all of the delicious dishes that can be made with various seafood. Everyone knows that the fresher the seafood, the better it tastes; fish is flakier, crab is sweeter and shrimp mildly tastes of the salty ocean.

Like most places, locals at Carli Bay know how to cook their seafood best and so, curry, stew and everything in between will be made using seafood. Other popular local foods will be on sale as well as activities to keep the little ones busy. Besides the delicacies and entertainment, the Carli Bay Fish Festival will promote local culture and festival tourism. There will be a parade of old-time Carnival characters like the moko jumbie and jab jab. Tassa, tambu bamboo live steel band, music and guest artistes from the region will also be featured.

The area of Carli Bay is an unassuming foreign exchange generator due to an unlikely source, the cutlassfish. Carli Bay is home to a bountiful supply of cutlass fish, a predatory fish which is also known as the large head hairtail. It has a distinctive appearance with a long, eel-like body and is silver. Approximately 85 boats with an average of four crewmen have cutlass fish as their main catch due to its abundance in the area. Luckily, the Carli Bay fishermen have tapped into a huge market for cutlassfish in China and Miami. Cutlassfish, known as daiyu in China, is a highly valued delicacy and can be either braised, fried, sauteed and red cooked (a slow-braising Chinese cooking technique that imparts a red colour).

Come out to celebrate fishermen, Carli Bay’s vibrant culture and to enjoy delicious dishes and some of the best local entertainment.

WHEN: Saturday June 29, 10 am to 6 pm

WHERE: Carli Bay, Couva

PRICE: FREE Admission!


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