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Drink Highland Spring Water For Your Refreshment And Health

Time and time again, we’ve heard health professionals say that staying hydrated is the secret to a healthy lifestyle. Water is undoubtedly the most beneficial drink on the planet and it does a lot more than just cool you down on a hot day. Water helps to:

  • lubricate joints
  • boost skin health
  • flush out body waste and toxins
  • make minerals and nutrients accessible to the rest of the body.

Can you believe that’s just a fraction of what water does? Water should be your best friend if you plan a night of heavy drinking as it helps reduce the risk of an unbearable hangover. Water is also recommended for increasing oxygen throughout the body and preventing kidney stones. In addition, ‘preloading’, or drinking a few glasses of water before meals, can prevent overeating and subsequent weight gain.

In Trinidad and Tobago, most persons consume water via commercial bottles. Many, though, have a high sodium content, which can easily surpass the Food Standard Agency recommended daily intake of 2.4 grams of sodium or 6 grams of salt. Highland Spring bottled water has an extremely low sodium content with just 0.0056 grams per litre. This means that even if you’re drinking 1 litre of Highland Spring Still or Sparkling water, you’ll only be consuming 0.23% of your recommended daily sodium allowance.

Try this Apple + Mint Flavoured Water recipe for an easy way to consume delicious water.

Alkaline water or water with a high pH is important for our bodies as it may neutralise acids in our bloodstream and may prevent cancer and heart disease. Highland Spring Still has a pH of 7.8, while Highland Spring Sparkling is between pH 4 and 5 (only because of the carbon dioxide added to create refreshing bubbles!)

Highland Spring also uses Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is Bisphenol A (BPA) free and is scientifically demonstrated as safe for use with food and drinks. Rigorous food safety testing and regulation ensure its continued safety.

Cost & Locations Sold

Highland Spring Water is sold at $5.00 for a 500ml bottle. They are available at Massy Stores and Tru Valu nationwide.


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