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How to Make Healthier Hot Cross Buns

Stuffing your face with fresh, sticky hot cross buns on Good Friday is almost as exhilarating as opening presents on Christmas morning. Problem, though: Just one bun can clock in at roughly 280 calories with 28 grams of sugar, which is actually more than an entire milk chocolate bar. So, we decided to give it a healthy makeover.

Soft, tender and lightly-spiced, these healthier buns are brushed with marmalade and packed with citrus peel and purple sweet potato. (Did even you know that Trinbago has many different varieties of sweet potato?) Purple sweet potatoes have less of that distinct sweet, nutty flavor and more floral notes—almost like a sweet rose. The plant pigments that give this sweet potato its purple colour are called ‘anthocyanins’ and have antioxidant properties that are associated with a reduced risk of disease development.

And since citrus is in season, we’re rolling with that, too! Studies actually found that a high intake of citrus fruits can decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancers, including pancreatic and stomach cancers.

The combination of both sweet potato and whole-wheat flour boosts your gut-health by ensuring that each bun will give you 7 grams of fibre. Plus, there’s hardly any refined sugars unlike most store-bought buns.

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Janelle Zakour

Janelle Zakour is a registered dietitian, entrepreneur and founder of Purple Carrot Nutrition. She's also a classically trained pastry chef (TTHTI) and has been in the food service industry for over a decade. At Purple Carrot Nutrition, she believes in complete holistic wellness, which encompasses all 7 dimensions of health and wellness - physical, emotional, occupational, environmental, intellectual, social and spiritual.

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